At El Refugio a few amenities are provided for your stay.

What we provide for the huts: 

Double bed(s) with mattress
High-quality winter weight sleeping bags (bring your own liners)
Assorted foam pads
2 chairs
Pillows (bring your own cases)

Stove: A one-burner Snow Peak Gigapower stove (small cabin, bring your own fuel) or Propane cookstove (new cabin, fuel provided, but bring a canister of green Coleman fuel as backup)
Cooking pots/pans, skillet
Plates, bowls, mugs, cups, silverware, knives
French-press, corkscrew, cutting board

UV water purifier
Bear canister with emergency food (if you want to leave unopened, non-perishable items in here, feel free to)
Broom and Dustpan

Outdoors Use
Bucket for collecting stream water for fire
Sun shower
Snow Shovel
Avalanche Rescue Cache (Shovel and Probe)
NRS Rafting toilet (bring your own WAG Bags for #2 and carry out)


USB lights (a USB battery pack is recommended in cold months when the solar system may not keep up with use)
Solar panel & battery pack 

Books and outdoorsy reading materials
A couple pairs of Crocs for indoor use

What you should bring:
Normal Hut Trip Layers, Emergency Equipment, Topo Map (Sky Terrain Summit/ Vail or National Geograhpic Trails Illustrated Holy Cross Reudi Reservoir), Oil, Matches or Lighter, Spices, Stove Fuel, Wood, Firestarter, Food, Water

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